— Cristian Mihai

It seems to me that we spend most of our lives waiting. For some mystical alignment of the stars to create the life we’ve always imagined for ourselves. For someone to come into our lives and make us unimaginably happy. We imagine into existence a certain future we deem ourselves worthy of experiencing but we […] … Continue reading — Cristian Mihai



Ancient History, Mythology and Folklore

URANUS AND GÆA. (Cœlus and Terra.)

The ancient Greeks had several different theories with regard to the origin of the world, but the generally accepted notion was that before this world came into existence, there was in its place a confused mass of shapeless elements called Chaos. These elements becoming at length consolidated (by what means does not appear), resolved themselves into two widely different substances, the lighter portion of which, soaring on high, formed the sky or firmament, and constituted itself into a vast, overarching vault, which protected the firm and solid mass beneath.

Thus came into being the two first great primeval deities of the Greeks, Uranus and Ge or Gæa.

Uranus, the more refined deity, represented the light and air of heaven, possessing the distinguishing qualities of light, heat, purity, and omnipresence, whilst Gæa, the firm, flat,[1] life-sustaining earth, was worshipped as the great all-nourishing mother. Her…

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Master List of Color Meanings for Reference

An overview about Color: What it is and how impacts our lives. To understand color, we first have to understand where it comes from. Color is the result of light being reflected and bounced off an object. Light is made of electromagnetic wavelengths that can spread from different light-producing sources (ie. the sun) at 300,000 … Continue reading Master List of Color Meanings for Reference